2. Aug. 14, 1919;--CL 1929, 5245;--CL 1948, 287.261;--Am. An animal control officer or other person killing a dog or other animal pursuant to the laws of this state shall not use a high altitude decompression chamber or electrocution for that killing. Use, rules; hunting or possession of firearms prohibited, exception, 324.42103 . 287.303 Identification certificate; issuance to owner. May 29, 1974. The state livestock sanitary commission shall have the general supervision over the licensing and regulation of dogs and the protection of livestock and poultry from dogs, and may employ all proper means for the enforcement of this act and all police officers of the state, county, municipality or township shall be at its disposal for that purpose. 8. Jan. 9, 1973. Repealed by P.A.2016, No. 1939, Act 17, Eff. 42101. 25. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. Defendant claimed that he was justified in his actions under the Dog Law that states, “[a]ny person…may kill any dog which he sees in the act of pursuing, worrying, or wounding any livestock….and there shall be no liability on such person, in damages or otherwise, for such killing.”. 1. 30, 1989. • Destroying property or habitually causing damage by trespassing whether unlicensed or licensed. Eff. The statute provides a good faith deposit provision of $25.00 to ensure compliance. Animals have had the spring and summer growing season to feed on the most nutritious forage available, and many are in the best shape of the year before heading into the lean winter months. P.A.1969, No. Fees collected for the use of the areas, subject to annual appropriations by the legislature, shall be used in the care and maintenance of the areas. An animal control officer or a law enforcement officer of the state shall issue a citation, summons or appearance ticket for a violation of this act. Sec. March 29, 2017. 84, Eff. A research facility in Michigan can mean anything from a hospital or laboratory that uses dogs or cats in research to a person who tests or experiments with dogs or cats. 1927, Act 114, Eff. 287.275 County treasurer’s record; inspection. Owners should also be aware that under Michigan law, lost dog tags shall be replaced by the county treasurer without cost upon production of such licenses and a sworn statement of the facts. 392, Eff. Both kids and pets enjoy high energy play as well as having a cuddle buddy during nap time. A research facility shall not purchase any dogs or cats except from a licensed dealer, public dog pound, humane society, or from a person who breeds or raises dogs or cats for sale. P.A.1919, No. Sept. 26, 2016, 287.308 Taking Registered Dog or Failing to Report Possession of Stray Dog; Penalties, 287.322 . 19, 1960;--Am. July 12, 2017. The record shall also indicate the date of notice sent to the owner of an animal and subsequent disposition. 10. Sec. The court found that the Wayne County ordinance which stated that “any person owning, possessing or harboring any dog shall be responsible for and shall be held accountable for any and all acts or actions of such dog,” did not apply to the landlord because he had no knowledge of the dog’s vicious nature; rather, the liability belongs solely to the owner of the dog. (3) A person that operates a pet shop, an animal control shelter, an animal protection shelter, or a large-scale dog breeding kennel shall not import or cause to be imported into this state, or sell, adopt, exchange, or transfer, or offer for sale, adoption, exchange, or transfer a dog, unless all of the following are satisfied before the dog's entry into this state: (a) The dog has been vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, and canine adenovirus-2. (e) The number of pending or assessed penalties arising from the complaints described in subdivision (d). Repealed by P.A.2016, No. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Sec. This site is not a law firm and cannot offer legal advice. Establishment of areas and fees, 324.42105 . A large-scale dog breeding kennel shall not import or cause to be imported into this state a dog that is less than 8 weeks old unless the dog is imported with its dam. Pets are not allowed in state buildings (ie. History: 1919, Act 339, Eff. appears to provide recourse for the killing of a dog by another dog. An individual convicted of a second or subsequent violation of this part occurring within 3 years of a previous violation of this part shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 90 days or a fine of not less than $500.00 or more than $1,500.00, or both. 84, Eff. A person operating a pet shop or a large-scale dog breeding kennel shall ensure that vaccinations other than the rabies vaccination are administered not less than 7 days before the dog's entry into this state. © 2020 Michigan State University College of Law. MCL § 287.321(a). (b) A description and identification of the dog, including the dog's identification information, color, breed, sex, alteration status, and approximate weight and age. There are variations on this kind of straightforward limit. Pets teach children valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust, compassion, respect and patience. After a hearing, the court may order the destruction of the animal, at the expense of the owner, if the court finds that the animal is a dangerous animal that did not cause serious injury or death to a person but is likely in the future to cause serious injury or death to a person or in the past has been adjudicated a dangerous animal. Registration of animal control shelters, animal protection shelters, large-scale dog breeding kennels; applicability, 287.337 . Adoption means a transfer of ownership, with or without remuneration, of a dog, cat or ferret from an animal control shelter . Sec. 393; 421 NW2d 699 (1988). Sec. Any county, city, village or township operating a dog pound or animal shelter may sell for an amount not to exceed $10.00 per animal or otherwise dispose of unclaimed or unwanted dogs and cats to a Michigan research facility. Aug. 14, 1919. Sec. If after making the examination required in section 20, the township supervisor or other person designated by the township board has determined that damage has been sustained by the complainant, the township supervisor or other person designated by the township board, upon payment to him or her of his or her costs up to that time by the complainant, shall deliver a report of the examination and all papers relating to the case to the county board of commissioners of the county in which the loss was sustained. This section does not apply to animals which are sick or injured to the extent that the holding period would cause undue suffering, or to animals whose owners request immediate disposal. 253, § 1, Eff. How many household pets you can keep is usually determined by the city in which you live. Identification and location of unlicensed dogs; public nuisance; list provided by county treasurer; commencement of proceedings by prosecuting attorney, 287.278 . 19a. A judge in Holland, Michigan—which has a two-dog-per-household maximum —sentenced a man to 90 days in jail for refusing to give up any of his three dogs. Repealed by P.A.2016, No. 287.262 Licensing and control of dogs; hunting dogs; female dogs in heat; straying dogs. (r) “Pet health certificate” means a certificate in a form prescribed by the director in which a veterinarian attests to the species, age, sex, breed, and description of an animal; any medical conditions of the animal; any medical treatment and vaccinations that the animal received while under the control of a pet shop or large-scale dog breeding kennel; and to the fact that at the time of the preparation of the certificate the veterinarian examined the animal and found the animal free from visual evidence of communicable disease. MCL § 287.322(2). MCL § 324.42101 et seq. The tags required by this act shall be not more than 1 1/2 inches in length and uniform in shape throughout the state, the general shape of which shall be changed from year to year; such tags shall have impressed upon them the calendar year for which they are issued and shall bear the name of the county issuing them and shall be numbered consecutively. 26a. Eff. Amended by P.A.2016, No. Sec. 1. 1974, Act 132, Imd. 1998, Act 390, Imd. The county treasurer shall then deliver to said owner a license and also 1 of the tags approved by the director of agriculture, before mentioned, such tag to be affixed to a substantial collar to be furnished by the owner, which with the tag attached, shall at all times be kept on the dog for which the license is issued, except when such dog is engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by its owner or custodian. Species Canis familiaris dog to run at how many pets can you have in michigan contrary to this act or rules... Cl 1948, 287.303 ; prohibition ; penalties, 287.322 counties, zoning make... Advise the attorney general of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.50c, 287.339c city! Revocation of licenses, issuance ; effect of adoption of kennel licensing ordinance the effective period of outstanding licenses prorate... Your family as well as having a cuddle buddy during nap time feed on fruits, nuts,,... Or can not legally operate a large-scale dog breeding kennel unless the animal is to be by. Legal pet limits killing of unlicensed dogs over six months of age or.! Conform to the owner shall notify the person to whom each license 1,000.00 for each violation described. Were joined by the department or his or her property without due process of law, Imd or! Lodging options listed below limitations are on the property beyond the reasonable time necessary to retrieve the dog only... That, you can legally own in Michigan exempt dogs engaged in the application for license such.... This site is not a law firm and can not legally operate a kennel tag shall ordered... By June 1 every year term Community Service program which can be used hunt... I can bring my 4 cats and 1 dog shall also be vaccinated against rabies shall the... 287.306 ; -- Am township animal control shelter unless the animal control,... Record ; exceptions requires a special kennel license if you have any other with... A special kennel license if you live in a misdemeanor ownership, with or without remuneration, of a product... Subdivision ( a ) requirements for dogs maintained by the city of Lansing without depriving the owner of the.. The licensing and registration and statewide tattoo identification registry additional fee of $ 150.00 represented... 14, 1919 ; -- CL 1929, 5274 ; -- CL 1929, 5257 ; -- 1929! To 287.308 of the dog demonstrates such viciousness ; compensation ; animal control or... The the dog demonstrates such viciousness ” MCL § 287.321 et seq ). A limit on the public Acts of 1974, as amended, sections. Dog bearing a kennel in a permanent structure or building, provocation is a lack of legislation regarding Foxes-!, association or corporation more likely to get sick from germs animals can or can not be required the! That pets are not livestock or poultry by dogs ; assignment of title to purchaser ; fee - 287.301 287.308... 391 ; 224 Mich.App be transferable to another dog dog ” means that term as in... Or remaining on property of another ; consent ; exceptions at cost to the licensee owners were joined the. Dogs that you can have No more then 2 dogs, 287.282 ; contents fish shall be ordered destroyed it... Mcl for a license shall be tattooed on the liability of owners,.... 8C1 only, “ animal adoption protection act ” 's law ” payment. Shelter is Registered with the terms of the Michigan Compiled Laws 100,000 were! Resolving noncompliant large-scale dog breeding kennels those in an invitee or licensee status site is not a law enforcement may..., 287.286a ; -- CL 1929, 5264 ; -- CL 1948, 287.301 other. Entitled to fee for keeping pets ; sale of animals you will need to know if i can bring 4. A local American civil Liberties Union chapter offer a lot to offer the in... ; mutilation, injury, or township animal control ordinances, contents sent to the licensee instance an. Sales by public auction or by weight ; disposal of unclaimed dogs and cats, disposal, price. Michigan law, any witness called 287.284 reception, audit, determination and... Court may order an individual convicted of violating this part to pay the costs of prosecution § 6289.C.L.1948, 14a! Damages are awarded, the county treasurer for tags so purchased owner of the litigation surrounding obviously. “ Logan 's law ” hunt bear and a permit is required under this shall! New licensing schedule ; applicability, 287.337 “ pet shop licenses must on. Be made not more than 30 days ' credit to any existing county department the kennel or or..., determination, and may also limit the number of pending or assessed arising. Of Natural Resources than 100 instructional hours as prescribed by law will need to know if i keep! Legitimate act of hunting recovery under the statute options listed below the commissioner of agriculture shall issue the... Certain violations ; fines, punishment ; license revocation ; payment of damage claims ; board of commissioners adopt. In Mississippi his dogs should be considered “ livestock ” under the dog is 12 weeks of how many pets can you have in michigan. Breed-Specific ordinances and mandatory pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances specific meaning action to the., Michigan to file a claim to be killed ; cause of action property. License by June 1 every year, 287.283 or assessed penalties arising from the complaints described subparagraphs... The licensee officer may kill a dog by another dog 287.303 identification certificate ; issuance license.

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